Monday, June 7, 2010

The First Post

...and so it begins. A blog. I think of this as a way to keep anyone who cares to peek inside abreast of whatever is going on with me... and a place to dump photos. Speaking of photos - never trust a man who's "developed" a photography habit to stock the fridge...

I soon leave with my wife on a lengthy road trip - hence the film. I hope to have a number of colourful pictures to show off on my return. Hopefully I won't be kicking myself for not bringing something. I have two 35mm film cameras and a Twin Lens Reflex as well as the Nikon DSLR. That should cover the bases. To those who know a thing about film... I don't plan on taking the two rolls of Ilford black and white film with me. I have a special purpose for each.

This weekend I hope to shoot at a friends place, she (Julie Keon) makes plaster casts predominantly of pregnant women. If all goes to plan I should get several more photos of completed casts and a casting session. I'll be shooting digital and black & white film against the clock so to speak. I imagine the plaster is unforgiving and that time will be an issue. The shoot is the better part of a week away and I'm nervous already.

The second roll of B&W is for a tattoo session. Ivan, my friend & the owner of The Wizzard's Den tattoo studio in Petawawa, will be getting a tattoo on his neck. I am honoured to be allowed to photograph the event. if only I can get my hands on some Velvia before I go on vacation.

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