Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I'm Published!

Well sort of... more about that later. Right now I just want to whine about the lack of film facilities. O.K. there is a large outlet place that develops and it's close to me, but I have given them 3 rolls of film and they ALL were horribly processed. That leaves me with an hour and a half drive one way for processing. I wait until I have a few rolls before I go. It's the wait that bugs me. I want to see results... NOW. Is this the impatience of the digital age? In a few weeks I'll have a roll of portra VC 400, a roll of neopan 400 (both of those were left in a hot car & may have been ruined) and the roll of velvia 50 slide film I'm working on now dropped off. On a side note - I loaded the Velvia 50 to capture the vibrant fall colours, it has been either raining or cloudy every day since I put it in the camera.

A rep from a company called Schmap that makes digital travel guides wanted to use one of my pictures to represent the Canadian Tulip Festival in Ottawa, and now they have! One of many tulip pictures. They gave me a credit AND a link to my Flickr page! I'm famous now! Eat that all you little people...

I really need to learn how to develop film...

Monday, September 6, 2010

Make Lemonade

After paying for film to be developed and scanned, I hate to see shots wasted because my focus was off, or I missed the exposure. I consider these flubbed pictures to be challenges. The attached picture was a bit of a mess. Focus and exposure were questionable. After sweating away an hour in two different programmes I was able to come up with this. This picture was taken at high noon on black and white film. I've seen better, you've seen better... but for a roll of film with more than a few lemons on it, I thought I made some half-way decent lemonade.