Thursday, July 22, 2010

Home from the holidays

Our two week roadtrip netted over 100 pictures on the film cameras and over 1200 digital pictures. I have been quite busy processing. My aim is to winnow the pile down to a manageable number and have a hardcover book published. There are many companies that perform this service. I am using "Photobook", I'll let you know how it turns out. The interface is quite easy to use & I am looking foreward to the results... but I still have much to do before I order the book.

Nova Scotia was a delight. So many charming places... and so many possibilities for photographic themes. It would have been very easy to do classic cars - complete & in progress on front lawns, churches - all flavours... there are so many wonderful looking old churches, and one theme that I shot without knowing: odd looking trees.

Both my father's borrowed Canon FT and my Canon FTb took many excellent pictures. I am quite happy with the many of the results. There is also a disconcerting darkness on a few of the photographs. Maybe it's the developing, maybe it's the shutter... time will tell. Of the three rolls of film used, the best colour seemed to come from the Kodak Ektar 100. A goodly number of the slides (Ektachrome e100vs) came out VERY overexposed... i wonder if i didn't have the lens screwed on properly.

The use of film was a positive thing. It made me look at my digital shots longer before activating the shutter. The surprise was how good the film shots turned out. some truly capture the unreal colours that often my digital will wash out (because i always use auto-wb instead of a grey card).

The film achieved a "look" that I wouldn't have seen otherwise. Digital had some surprises for me as well. I was delighted to see this last image when we got back from the Nova Scotia. It was shot at nine o'clock at iso 3200! Were it not for the oddball sky, I might think it an oriental painting... or pine as designed by Roger Dean.

I will try to remember to put up an example or two of the film "look" I spoke of. There is still much to do with the holiday pictures to go into the book. It is not ALL trees, there are a few lighthouses as well.