Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My book has arrived!

Tuesday I got my photo book by courier. I cannot believe how big the thing is. It doesn’t fit on any bookshelf in the house… but it is beautiful. Worth both the money and the wait. I will be buying from them again (as soon as I can fit eighty pages with decent photographs, that is). Actually this has been a bumper week for photographs. I also got a CD of the last roll of black and white film I shot (six weeks ago - I don’t get to town much). The Ilford HP5 Plus - 400 is kind of chunky - the last roll I shot I had underexposed two stops - shot it at 1600 - and had the lab “push” it two stops when developing. I expected that to be really grainy (which it is) but I was expecting it to be quite a bit smoother when shot at box speed. I have much to learn.

The problem I'm having is finding film. I was lucky enough to score two rolls of Fuji Velvia 50 - 35mm when I dropped off this roll of black and white. What I'm looking for is Neopan 1600 - from what I have read, Neopan is remarkably smooth black and white film considering how fast it is. For those who keep track of such things - the flower is the only shot where I am not using my medium yellow filter. I think I might start underexposing a half stop for my next roll of this film... feel free to comment, I'm really new at this and can use all the advice I can get... Especially you Therrr... if you are still scanning :)

I have to get back to fiddling with my pictures and I want to see what the Philistines in DMU are making of my latest offering... I submitted the picture of the cables you see here. It was taken on TV tower road. They are anchor cables for the giant antenna ... but the last time I checked DMU, the picture was doing rather poorly. It's ART I tell ya, Art!


  1. You're right about the fuji neopan - lovely film, with almost no grain even at 1600. If that's what you're after - I don't mind a bit of grain, personally.

  2. well i can't find the 1600 anywhere (yet) but i did score some Neopan 400 - and promptly left it in a hot car. perhaps it didn't suffer... time will tell (it's loaded & only 34 exposures left). Thanks!

  3. I do love the grain though... gives it an "old" touch. I absolutely adore those monotones.

    And yep, that really is a big book LOL Open the pages for us? lol

  4. @ Gizzy - The Kilt, The Sunglasses on the Dash & The Stik tree from my Flickr Photostream are in the book & 80 or so other pages... there's just no room..