Friday, August 6, 2010

The book has been ordered...

I finally was able to order the Photobook of my vacation pictures. It took some time as apparently one is nobody without a paypal account. After dealing with on-line and telephone support I was able to pay over the phone. Dealing with the people at Photobook was quite easy. I have only to hold my breath for two weeks or so and I will have my book in my hot little hands.

I found the experience of arranging and editing the book to be enjoyable. If this turns out well I may use the service again and again - though not the giant sized book. I have a feeling 17½" by 12" is going to be hard to shelve and possibly (can it be) too large for the kind of viewing I would like. I would like people ooooh-ing and awwwww-ing, not noticing how some of the images don't hold up well under close scrutiny.

The cover is the de rigueur iconic Peggy's Cove lighthouse. It was pouring rain when we arrived. Horrible weather really, but it slowed down enough for me to take this picture and not get rain on my lens. By this time I had already had to change my drenched clothes by the side of the road - after finding a footpath by the side of the road that looked like it might lead to a photo opportunity of the town from afar (it did). Somehow Peggy's Cove is a touch less charming in a downpour than what I had come to expect.

There were moments during my vacation where I thought that lugging around a backpack filled with four cameras, seven lenses, a flash (and never far away, the tripod and reflector) was a bit much. In retrospect, I'm glad I had it all with me. The picture of the boat here was taken with Ektar print film, the lighthouse - Ektachrome slide film. Neither picture would have looked the same taken with the digital camera, and having a second 35mm film camera meant I had more options.

Since my return I have burned through a roll of black & white film (not pushed this time) on a photowalk with friends in Ottawa - at some point I'll be sure to get that stuff developed. I always used to wonder how photographers could stumble across undeveloped film years later... I think I understand now.

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